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And the old saying goes:
Don’t cry over spilt milk!

Here, my lovely daughter Aletha Maria milks one of our beautiful Nigerian does.

I feel so blessed
to have our very own little piece of heaven here on earth.

Over 200 years ago, Jeremy Bentham put it best: 
The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but, "Can they suffer?"

Hi!  Welcome to the site of Happy Tailz Farm. 

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, relax, take your shoes off, prop up your feet and take a look around.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.  Please take a moment to sign our guest book .  We would love to  hear from you.

First off I would like to tell you a little about ourselves. Happy Tailz Farm is home to my husband Ron, our two children,  Aletha Marie and Aaron, our 2 dogs, a small flock of mixed hens and a rooster and a herd of beautiful Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and myself, Aletha.  We all live together on an 11 acre farm in Mayville, Michigan. We have had goats since 1996 but we actively got into the Nigerian Dwarf breed exclusively in 1998. We began showing our Nigerians in May of 1999 in Lancaster, Ohio and went on to catch 3 more shows in Michigan that year. From that time on, we have been bitten by the show bug ever since.  We hope to see you at some of the shows and if you do, please take a minute and stop by and say Hello! We would be more than happy to talk goats with you! One of my favorite past times!

Due to my husband suffering a stroke in 07, we no longer  hit the show circuit hard with our beautiful Nigerians as it is just too hard on  him, but we do try and get to two or three shows a year.  Hopefully with  each passing year I will be able to attend more shows but at this time, two or  three is about all he can do..but thats OK, I still have my husband and the  children still have their dad, that's the most important thing.   

Our goats are registered and/or are registrable in ADGA, AGS and NDGA

We tested for TB, CAE(Caprine  Arthritis Encephalitis) with negative results as of 7/16/07.   We also did random Johnes and  CL testing at the time also with negative results..  We also make sure  we test every new addition  and all goats that have left the farm to attend shows.  We have never had any CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis) abscesses on our farm.  In April of 2010 we did a whole herd testing  for CL; again with negative results.

Here at Happy Tailz Farm all of our goats are up to date on vaccinations, wormings and are disbudded at an early age. We take pride in our little dairy goats and do all that we can to ensure good health, temperament, conformation and milk production.  We try and be present at all births so that the kids can be pulled at birth and bottle raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goats milk. We do this as a disease  preventive measure and also, because we believe that bottle raised kids make friendlier goats. All goats are given fresh water each and every day. I know  many are thinking that this is something that really doesn't even need to be  said but there are many people out there who still think goats will eat or drink  anything we put in front of them.  NOT SO! Goats are very picky about what they take in.  Fresh water is a must.  Not only for just general health but also  to make that wonderful milk. Our does are fed clean, sweet smelling, mold free alfalfa and/or alfalfa/grass hay, 2nd or even  3rd cut if we can get it.  The bucks are fed grass hay with a little bit of alfalfa in it. When does freshen they are given top quality grain twice a day at each milking.  All  goats are given free choice baking soda and free choice minerals.

News flash, both  my husband, Ron, and I are now serving on the Board of Directors of MDGS (Michigan Dairy Goat Society)  If you haven't already I urge you to join the  Michigan Dairy Goat Society, check us out at




        We are proud members of American Dairy Goat Society, American Goat Society and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association


*All information, graphics and photos within this website are the sole property of Happy Tailz Farm and may not be taken from this site without authorized permission!
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Happy Tailz Farm Policy:

 In order to decrease any misunderstandings or hard feelings, please carefully read the following terms & conditions of sale:

 A $100 deposit, made payable to Happy Tailz Farm, will reserve a kid or adult of your choice for 30 days. We prefer that they be picked up prior  to 30 days but we will honor the 30  days if needed.  These 30 days are so that arrangements can be made for shipping and/or pick up, and any testing that needs to be done.  After 30 days a boarding fee of $1 per       day per goat will be incurred and added onto the price of the goat/goats. Unless other arrangements have been made.  Reservations are made upon a first come first served basis. Only those reservations accompanied by a deposit can be honored. Be sure to let me know what your second choice will be, preferably in order of birth in case your first choice kids are not available. Deposits will be forfeited if buyer backs out of sale.

 We reserve the right to retain any kid/adult to remain in our herd, even if a deposit  has been made on them. That selection is often not made until after birth/freshing. In  this       case, your deposit will go toward your second choice. Your deposit will be  returned if both your choices are unavailable or are unsuitable, in our  estimation, for sale. If you              choose to, the deposit may be placed on another  choice if available. Balance of payment is due upon notification that your goat  is available and must be paid for in full prior to       pick up or shipping. All  shipping costs (transportation, health certificates, crates, etc.) are the  responsibility of the buyer.   You must supply your own shipping  crate, you can         send the money and I will buy a crate for you and then I will  ship the goat of your choice in it. We ship out of Detroit Metro Airport and/or  Flint Airport.  We have to  charge a          $35/40 fee for transportation to  the airport, gas prices being what they are.  e will test any animal for CAE, CL, Johnes or Brucellosis at buyers request & expense. We can also       deliver animals to any of the shows that we are planning on attending  for free.   The cost of health papers  and all state required health testing will  be the responsibility of buyer.

 We try to be truthful in our descriptions.  Our goats are healthy and free of visual defects when we sell them. Since we cannot control their environment once they leave     our barn, we cannot offer further guarantees. If a problem develops, we will work with you to make it right. Our reputation is very valuable to us and we want you to be      pleased with your purchase. We may also offer discounts for multiple purchases and/or  for 4-H. For 4-H you must provide a signed letter from your leader along with the    name of your club.

We guarantee our animals to be free of any disqualifying faults in the show ring although we don't guarantee height. We guarantee fertility in all of our animals. (If this        would ever arise, please contact us and we will gladly give you the specific guidelines we need in order for you to receive your replacement.  One would be a  statement        from your vet stating absence of fertility, and  cause)
 We guarantee that our animals will be healthy at time of pick-up. We will not be responsible for stress of any kind after the animal leaves our farm.  Stress is very               common in both kids and adults of all ages when moved from one place to another. Illness and sometimes death can occur if the animal is not properly handled or treated. Happy Tailz Farm WILL NOT be held responsible in any way. These things very seldom happen, but unfortunately they can.

  It is  also our farm policy not to take back any animals that leave our farm because of  bio security reasons.

 We the breeder also retain the right to issue doe only service memos on any or all bred does sold, at our disgression

Deposits and payments can be made via U.S. Postal  Service and through Pay pal.  But PLEASE do not send any money threw Pay pal without notifying me and  getting an ok first. Thanks!
You may contact us by phone at (989)843-6678 should you have any questions about  our sales policy.

Thank you for your interest in Happy Tailz Nigerians.


                                                                                                            Visitor information:

 We enjoy visitors to our farm, but please  remember we are a working livestock farm. I work outside the home a few days a  week and when I am home I am usually working with the animals - whether it's  cleaning barns or doing routine chores like hoof trimming, worming or  vaccinations.  While we are always happy to visit with you, we may not have time  available on certain days. So please call or email to schedule a time that will  work in everyone‚Ä™s time frame

 Also remember that when you come for that  visit that livestock are animals and animals poop.  We do our best to keep our  pens and barns clean, but you will find goat berries, chicken poop and dog "land  mines"  in our barn and yard.  And lastly we do not  allow visitors into our  pens with the goats, please don't take offense.

 So while we are happy to have visitors, be  sure to bring your best sense of humor but not your best clothes and shoes.  If  you happen to stop by when nobody is home, we ask that you please refrain from  visiting the animals and reschedule your visit to another time that we are  available to safely show you around.