1) General Appearance Vigor, femininity, blending, style, grace, condition and breed character. 14 Points
2) Head Wide, medium long, broad muzzle with open nostrils, strong jaw, alert eyes and ears and good breed character. 8 Points
3) Neck Long, lean, clean-cut, blending smoothly into all body junctures. 3 Points
4) Shoulders and Withers Should lay close to body, blend smoothly with body, with well-defined wedge shaped withers. 5 Points
5) Chest, Chine and Heart Girth Heart girth should be large, fore ribs should be well sprung from the body, chest floor should be wide between the fore legs (not necessarily meaning the brisket should be flat and full), plenty of width at the elbow and strong, level chine. 10 Points
6) Barrel and Loins Ample depth and width, increasing towards the rear, ribs should be wide apart and well sprung. Loin should be strong, level and wide. 10 Points
7) Skin and Ribs Skin should be fine, loose, pliable with fine hair. Ribs should be wide. 4 Points
8) Rump Long, wide, nearly level, dropping only slightly from hips to pins. Wide and nearly flat between the thurls. Pin bones and hip bones should be wide apart and well defined. Hip bones should be nearly level with back. Tail should be set in symetrically with the tail head slightly above the pin bones. 10 Points
9) Legs and Feet Legs should be wide apart, straight, strong, set squarely under the animal, clean cut, flinty boned, with rear leg tendons well-defined. Pasterns should be strong, springy, and not too long. Feet should be short, straight, heel as deep as the toe.

Fore Legs - 3 points Rear Legs - 3 points
Fore Feet - 2 points Rear Feet - 2 points

10 Points
10) Mammary System Udder should be large, well-attached, globular, with a strongly supported floor, balanced, symetrical, soft, pliable and collapseable. Teats should be uniform, placed well apart, of convienent size and easy to milk.

Fore Udder - 8 points Rear Udder - 8 points
Teats - 5 points Capacity and Texture - 5 points

26 Points
TOTAL POINTS   100 Points

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