Slight Faults
1) Wry or broken tail
Serious Faults
1) Pendulous udder
2) Udder too distended to feel texture
3) Udder hard or swollen (except in does just fresh)
Moderate Faults
1) Large horn scurs or stubs
2) Non-disabling lameness
3) Enlarged knees
4) Feet turned out or crooked
5) Teats that are set close together, bulbous, extremely large or extremely small,uneven in size or pointed sideways
6) Teat orifices that are leaking
7) Teats that produce small streams under proper pressure or make the doe otherwise hard to milk
Very Serious Faults
1) Udder lacking in size and capacity in relation to size of doe
2) Extra teat on doe (even if it has been cut off)
3) Double orifice in teat
4) Crooked or malformed feet (including very flat feet or shallow heels)
5) Crooked face in does
Slight to Serious Faults, Depending on Magnitude
1) Less than excellent front, rear, or side udder attachments
2) Lacking separation between halves of udder
3) Too much separation between halves o f udder
4) Udder of beefy texture
5) Pocket in fore udder of major magnitude
6) Presences of scar tissue in udder
7) Undershot or overshot (parrot) jaw
8) Close-in hocks (cow hocks)
1) Serious emaciation
2) Total blindness
3) Permanent lameness
4) Non-functioning udder half
5) Blind teats
6) Double teats
7) Extra teat that interferes with milking (does)
8) Extra teat (bucks)
9) Crooked face (bucks)
10) Active mastitis or any cause of abnormal milk
11) Evidence of hermaphroditism
12) Evidence of inability to reproduce
13) One testicle only or no testicles (bucks)
14) Permanent physical defect (e.g., navel hernia)
15) Evidence of myotonia
16) Curly coat (Nigerians)
17) Roman nose (Nigerians)
18) Pendulous ears (Nigerians)
19) Height greater than 23.6 inches (Nigerian bucks)
20) Height greater than 22.4 inches (Nigerian does)
Moderate to Serious Faults, Depending on Magnitude
1) Loose, winged, or heavy shoulders
2) Narrow chest, pinched heart girth
3) Short, shallow, or narrow body
4) Low (swayed) back


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