Nigerian Dwarf Goat Clubs

This is a list of goat clubs who recognize and support the Nigerian Dwarf. If you know of any other clubs which should be listed, please let us know.

 AGS/American Goat Society

ANNDA/American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

 MDGS/Michigan Dairy Goat Society  contact Linda Coon at [email protected]  

Goat  Lovers of Michigan (GLOM) Contact Linda Kast, [email protected]    or  (517)834-5871 for more information and meeting times. Meets once a month and discusses various topics concerning goats. They also sponsor a show.

   NDGA/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

NENDA -New England Nigerian Dwarf Association- Contact Cheryle Moore-Smith at [email protected]

Rocky Mountain Nigerian Dwarf Goat Club

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