Here are some sites I enjoyed and think you will too.  They are very informative and




   AJ's Udder Delight  Lots of goat information with a few pages on birthing-from difficult birthing to testing ligaments
Bar-None Farms This is one of the best informational sites that I have come across..I suggest everyone visit it at least once

Goat Ladies Kidding Info Page Shows how to check your does ligaments before kidding.
Sun Valley Goats

Goat Kingdom
Cyber Goats
Goat Gallery
Goat Kingdom, home of Duh Goat Man.  

Goat Enthusiasts of the World

Rocky Mountain Nigerian Dwarf Goat Club-

Springbriar Farms.  This site is all about goat nutrition.  Wythe Quarles is a great goat nutritionist and offers minerals and more. Check out this site, your goats will be glad you did.

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