Here is a list of some basic things that you will probably need when going to shows. A handy checklist will make your getting ready for a show a "little" bit less stressful, As you go along I find that you keep adding to that checklist of things you possibly might need. Remember, have fun and Good Luck!

BEFORE GOING TO ANY SHOW PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK AND MAKE SURE ALL KIDS ARE TATTOOED AND THAT ALL TATTOO'S ARE CORRECT AND READABLE. ALSO MAKE SURE ALL HEALTH PAPERS ARE IN ORDER AND THAT THE  HEALTH CERTIFICATE AND ANY REQUIRED TESTING IS IN ORDER. YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK ALL KIDS FOR TEAT DEFORMITIES BEFORE YOU GET IN THE SHOW RING. I know that this is not equipment that you can take to a show but if you follow this above advice you can save yourself allot of time and disappointment, take it from someone who has had a wrong tattoo on a kid and has lost that leg

Feeding equipment for both kids and adults:
Hay feeders
Grain pans or buckets
Water buckets
Caprine feeder (for kids)
Nipples and bottles
Grain scoop
Hay hook
Salt and salt holder
Water additives (like vinegar, etc)

Milking equipment:
Milk Stand
Milk buckets
Milk machine
Teat dipper
Teat dip

Grooming Equipment:
Electric clippers'
Blades for clippers
Cordless clippers
Clipper Spray
Clipper grease
Grooming brush
Hoof trimmers
Hoof plane
Animal shampoo
Coat spay
Udder cream
Baby wipes

Health :
Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol
Antibiotics and vitamins
Syringes, and needles
Nutri-Drench, Probios

Registration papers
Health papers
Extension cords
Goat coats
Ringside tie chains
Tattoo outfit with the digits and ink

Cleaning equipment:

Straw for bedding
Minerals and supplements

Exhibitors Needs:
Sleeping bag, pillow and cot
Food, cooler, Show clothes along with regular clothes.

Show Classes:
Shows are divided into age classes and by group classes. Group classes are classes in which the animals are divided by certain other criteria other than age. I have listed some group classes and their meaning to help you better judge which class your goats would be better suited in and to help you better understand what they mean:

Get of Sire**that is all goats shown have been sired by the same buck
Produce of Dam**this is goats that all have the same dam
Dam and Daughter**self explanatory!
Dairy Herd**these goats are all owned by the same person
Breeders Trio**all goats were bred by the same person
Best Udder**self explanatory!
Best in Show**(usually the last class of the day) -in which the judge selects a winner from the grand champions of each breed.

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