Nigerian Dwarf Goat Shows
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This is a list of Nigerian Dwarf goat shows in Michigan and surrounding areas, that we know of, that will be coming up this season. We hope to see some of you there! If you know of any other shows or events which should be listed, please let us know so that we can list it here.



 March 11, 2006- Spring Goat Day at Anthony Hall, MSU. East Lansing. Events include goat products contest, youth writing contest, potluck lunch, annual members meeting, silent auction, newsletter auction, great guest speakers, youth sessions too.  Registration begins at 8am and classes begin at 9am.  Some classes you can attend : Understanding Type by Harvey Considine,  Meat Goat Management with Roberta Osborn, Pygmy Showmanship by Erin McCarthy, Scrapies Update by Jean Ray DVM USDA, Managment Practices by Harvey Considein, Meat Goats:Getting Started & Staying in Business by Roberta Osborn, Ideas for Pygmy Management by Erin McCarthy, Johnes: Be Informed, What Makes  a Good Pygmy, by Erin McCarthy, Worms & Wormers by Lisa Lumn DVM, Goats Around the World, Clipper Care & Maintence by Barry's Sharp Shop, Cooking with Elaine & Eileen, Going Organic: How to, Benefits, Getting Started, Showmanship,  DHIA training, and there will be a class from 2-4 on Kid Care, Castration, Disbudding by Judy Marteniuk DVM and Jan Kelly.  Classes start at 9am and there are classes running from 9am till 4pm. Tentative schedule-subject to change. There will be venders there also like Springcreek Goat Supply, and Barry's Sharp Shope where you can get your clipper blades, hoof trimmers, scissors and knives sharpened.    $5 per person, $15 max per family.  


    April 22-23 2006.  Peachy Keen Show. Located in Georgia. This will be a 2 or 3 NDGA show.  Judges: Denice Hasty, Suzy Way and TBA.  Contact Rusty Repp at [email protected]

      The Southeastern Ohio Dairy Goat Associationís annual Spring Fever show is being held May 6, 2006 in Lancaster, OH (just south of Columbus).  This will be a 2-ring Senior Doe and Junior Doe show with judges Bill Woodward and Tim Flickinger.  Showmanship classes will be judged by former ADGA Youth Rep Jim Young and former ODGA Youth Rep Kirt Schnipke.Show flyers are available on the web site in .pdf format at: breeds except Sables are individually sanctioned.  (Sorry, last year we had NO Sables and no one expressed interest so they werenít sanctioned for 2006.)For more information, you can contact Jenny OíConnor at peejaye @ (remove spaces) or Tom Rucker at  [email protected]

      May 28-29.  2006 Hooiser Spring Classic Show, Hancock County Fairgrounds, Greenfield, IN.  Contact Brian or Deb Cochard at [email protected] or Beth Goeb at [email protected]


  May 27-28 Memorial Day weekend 2006 GLOM Spectacular Show will be held at the Shiawassee County Fair Grounds in Corunna Michigan. Judge will be  Saturday and   on Sunday. Start time will be 8a.m. Senior doe, junior doe and bucks. This show will be sanctioned by AGS for the Nigerians and will also be ADGA sponsored for all the standard breeds. On Saturday there will be a one day milk test, a breakfast and supper by Don Kast,  and an auction.  For Sunday's events there will also be a breakfast and lunch provided, the  Eleventh  Annual Michigan Goat Futurity and youth showmanship. Camping is available. Contact Linda Kast at [email protected]   


May 22 & 23, 200 Miniature & Minor Breed Classic Show. Located at the Marshall Co. Fairgrounds, Argos, Indiana. This is a two day show.  Shows start at 8:30 a.m sharp.  Judges: Tim Ness (Saturday) and Melinda Butler (Sunday). Sanctioned for Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy and Sable Saanen and Nigerian Bucks.  Please contact Tim Flickenger at [email protected] for more information.

  June 17-18, 2006  MDGS (Michigan Dairy Goat Society) Annual Show. Judges Tom Rucker and Lisa Sieber. Doe kid raffle. More information will be available soon.

 Date: June 4-5
July-ADGA National Show.  Indianapolis, IN

August 23-Sept 4. Michigan State Fair.


Other Events:

March 13,2006.  ANR Spring Goat Day.  Anthony Hall - Michigan State University.   

There are many classes to attend to on this fun filled day. There are 3 classes per time slot so pick a class learn and have










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